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From October 29 to December 04, 2010, in Venice and the Veneto in the municipalities participating in the initiative will be presented the second and much anticipated Festival of Mystery Shows. This initiative includes Venice and the Veneto, with its magical places, representations to revive the banner of the mystery. All city of mystery and wrap all the squares, streets, roads, theaters will be the backdrop to this festival. They will also be organized photo galleries, theme parties, tours, musical events, all dedicated to the myth of the thrill. The whole party will aim to raise awareness of the Venetian territories, cities, towns and nature of the tourism point of view have much to offer and more to enhance the local delicacies. Let us carry the mystery and magic, in these places every year come to life stories from the traditions of the past ...

From 29 october to 04 dicember 2010
various locations in the Veneto