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From February 2010 to reach venezia will be easier with people mover

From febbario 2010 will finally be bank asset and working and the service People Mover, the new system of carriage public that will link the Tronchetto to Square Rome reestablishing completely the tracts of logging in Venice.
Today who arrives to Venice in car or with the tourist buses it obligatorily has to go down to the Tronchetto. From to depart to the discovery of the city, is owed here, necessarily or to go up to Square Rome afoot, in 20 minutes, or to take a ferry boat, to the price of 6,5 €.
With the People Mover, a system of carriage for the firm earth that consists in small but capacious cars that race on rails (but I am endowed with pneumatic to reduce to the least one the acoustic pollution) hauled by a rope, to reach Square Rome will only put on us 3 minutes, to the price of 1 €.
The new line of carriage on rail will do it also covers to the Maritime Station. The I Bring of Venice in fact, in the last years, as it regards the volume of commercial traffic, the number of the passengers of ferries and hydroplanes, that will be able has quadrupled thanks to this new mean of carriage to reach more easily Square Rome.
The People Mover will officially be inaugurated December 19 th 2009 with a great Party in the Square Rome, from the 10 of the morning at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, but it will become only indeed operational in departing February 2010.

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