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Friday has been inaugurated 16 October "To Camel is to hourse designed by to committee", the show of end the participants' course to the XV edition of the Superior Course of Visual Arts of the Foundation Anthony Ratti directed by Annie Ratti, that you/he/she has seen the Lebanese artist Walid Raad as Visiting Professor.
The show, arranged by the Foundation Anthony Ratti and from the Foundation Bevilacqua You Masa, is medicated by Ann Daneri, Caesar Pietroiusti (to Do) and Stephen Coletto it will be visible up to November 8 2009.
In show the works of the twenty-one artists, coming from the whole world, that you/they have frequented the workshop to Chest of drawers in the month of July.
To camel is to horse designed by to committee gives the possibility to know the job of young international artists selected for the course beginning from the projects developed during the experience of the seminar with Walid Raad. Structured in more centers, that gravitate around the Palazzetto Tito, Foundation Bevilacqua You Masa, the show will introduce setups, performance, video, photos, paint that decline in different way the various questions faced together with Walid Raad. In the heart of the show the fundamental role of the artist is highlighted in to redefine the languages and perspectives of the contemporaneity, as already mentioned in the security chosen by the artists in show.
The exposure is also a good buy to introduce the publication related to the course of this year. A real project of artist, typeset by poster conceived by the artists in show and from a brief anthology of texts of reference in casket I edit from Mousse.
A jury typeset by Carla Conca (Business Manager Videoproiettori of Epson Italia), Angela Vettese (Chairman of the Foundation Bevilacqua You Masa) and Ann Cestelli Drives (answerable visual arts of Foundation Music for Rome, Auditorium Parco of the Music, will announce the names of the three winners of the Epson Far bonus for the artistic search, this year reached the IV edition.
The Bonus has been founded in the 2006 graces to the pontage of Epson Italia, that has decided to sustain the young artists participants rewarding the works of great interest under the profile of the visual experimentation.

Dates: 16 October. November 8 th 2009

You soothe espositive: Foundation Bevilacqua You Masa Palazzetto Tito, Dorsoduro 2826 Venice
Foundation Claudio Buziol Building Mangilli-Valmarana Cannaregio 4392 Venice

Schedules: from Wednesday to Sunday
give 10.30 to the 17.30

Foundation Anthony Ratti
p.: +39 031 233111
Foundation Bevilacqua You Masa
p.: +39 041 5207797

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