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Open building. History and art of Murano

The suggestive frame of Building From Bad, it entertains the 2°edizione of the review Open Building, History and Art of they Wall up.
The exposure, open yesterday October 27 th 2009, it will be open up to June 27 2010. It is articulated in different sections, in fact, there will be activity espositive, photos, performative and also lectures on the history, the culture and the art of Murano.
The event opens with the photographic show "Workers of glass.Men, women, children to Murano" (1957 -1961).
You go off from the photographer Luigi Ferrigno, the photos they represent images inside some factories of Murano at the end of the fifties.
The photographic show is organizated by the cabinet of the Communication of the Commune in Venice, in collaboration with the Venetian institute for the History of the Resistance and the Contemporary Company.
The show will be visible up to November 4 2009.
Every day, inclusive Saturday and Sunday it will be open with the hourly following: 9.00- 13.00
The entry is gratuitous.

Municipalities in Venice, Murano and Burano
Delegation of Area > Offices of they Wall up
Tel. 041.2737621

Offices in Venice
St. Lawrence, Castle, 5065/i
Tel. 041.2710025

Cabinet of the Communication
Tel. 041.2748421

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