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"The House of the words" of Carlo Goldoni

The review "You House of the words", reaches per second scheduled appointment on second Tuesdays of the month House Goldoni.
The initiative foresees the read of texts in original language and in Italian translation on themes of time in time chosen by the promoting GROUP, to compare him and to discuss as of it in a living room among friends. In the various appointments you/they can also be realized good buys of meeting with actors that they live or they transit for Venice.
The House of the Words wants to put in evidence the cosmopolitan character in Venice through the read of texts in original language and in Italian translation.
The select themes are ample really to guarantee that the meetings have a spontaneous character, open, as the choice of the texts that is established of time in time.
The protagonists of the review of this year are: Henry Palandri, Riccardo Held, Donata Grimani, Reza Rashidy, Mohammed Salhi, Amos Luzzato, Laura Vogherà, John Francis Phillimore, Frank Billaud, Marie Louise Niwemukobwa, Lucja Ograbek, Jenny Condie.


Venice, Charles' Goldoni House
times 18.30 | 6.30pm

13 October | OCTOBER 2009
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