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Up to 07 November 2010, the Museo Correr in Venice, will host an interesting and alternative exhibition of ENI, the National Hydrocarbons Agency. The exhibition will aim to retrace the key stages of ENI, from birth to today, and in particular of the Eni brand that has marked its history. Will be witness of this history, documents and images that trace the journey from 1952 to today. The logo Eni, known to all as "The six-legged dog," will host the show, and in his honor was restored, through images and documents, its history from the first draft Luigi Broggini, until most recently redesigned by Augustine Iacurci. They will also be organized a series of meetings dedicated to the anniversary of the birth of Eni, the Sixties and Seventies, to be held in Palazzo Ducale. The Sixties, the years of economic boom, have to Eni, a thank you for it, along with other reality, Italy has provided an economic revival. Eni has become part of the national economic landscape from the construction of factories in small peasant reality, building gradually a picture and a reality throughout the world. Just on this, the exhibition will be offered a series of images from foreign countries where Eni has developed its plants in most other images relating to the establishment Eni in Venice in the Sixties. Eni, with his "six-legged dog," has over time built a strong and consolidated its brand around the world since 1952 thanks to the ideals that make it the leader of the hydrocarbons

Until November 7, 2010
Museo Correr
San Marco, 52 Venice
Daily from 10:00 to 18:00

For meetings in the Ducal Palace
Entrance to availability