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Raffi Tokatlian in Venice with the show "Surrealismo Vitale"

Up to November 22 nd 2009 it is possible to visit near the rooms of Ca' Zenobio in foundations of the Rescue, center of the Armenian College Moorat Raphael, sculptor Raffi Tokatlin's show from the security "vital Surrealism."
The sculptor, of Armenian origin, you/he/she was born in Beirut in the 1957. grown in a family of artists, after the first studies in the city native transferred him to Paris continuing its studies to the Ecole des beaux Arts. In France, the artist, himself improved is in the field of the beautiful arts both in that of the decorative sketch.
The cultural and artistic experience of Raffi Tokatlin also derives from the mythological traditions of ancient Greece and the Roman civilization.
Also the Italian Renaissance is source of creative inspiration for the artist, particularly the sculptures from the sensual curves of Donatello.
The artist privileges above all the human forms to embody his/her artistic-expressive purposes. In to create his/her works the sculptor it uses different techniques but that that it has a preference for it is the method of unsaved wax of bronze casting and the creation of patinas.
Raffi, faithful to the patrimony and the tradition of his/her people, it is found in unstable balance e/o continuous discontinuance in the earth of east and his/her opening toward the vast cycle of the west.
The most recent trips toward Egypt have opened new horizons to Tokatlin, putting him/it in direct contact with the fascinating world of the sculpture faraonica of ancient Egypt.

Where: Ca' Zenobio, Venice, near the Armenian College Moorat Raphael - Building Zenobio - Dorsoduro 2597

Schedule: 10,00 18,00
Tel: 041 5228770
e-mail: info@collegioarmeno.it

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