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THE CITY FOR MEN – Lucio Costa and the birth of Brasilia, 1960 – 2010

From October 15 to October 28, 2010, at the Area Events Libreria Mondadori di Venezia, will be held an exhibition in honor of Lucio Costa, Brazilian architect and planner of the undisputed city of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the fifty years since the birth of the city, also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Through this exhibition, will be shown through pictures, photographs, documents and drawings all the ideas, the stages and the work that led to the creation of Brasilia. They will also be presented at the Casa del Cinema in Venice, precious and interesting movies collected over the years, the city of Brasilia, from its birth, thanks to Lucio Costa, until now. Brasilia is a city, born thanks to a plan designed by the architect himself with the help of other good figures, which was commonly called the plan "Plano Piloto". The aim of the "Plot Plan" was to create a young city, constantly evolving and always open to new projects and ideas. The design of the city was studied in detail and location of each area was already established before. The exhibition, said the task, to take us on a journey to discover a city that is increasingly becoming a great laboratory for urban projects and new initiatives that relate to the future.

From 15 october to 28 october 2010

Spazio Eventi Libreria Mondadori
San Marco 3822 VENICE

Time: from 18.00 to 23.00