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Venice: on board of a gondola

When we stay in Venice we cannot be abdicated the most famous and romantic mean to visit the city: the gondola, the symbol in Venice, the emblem that has made all over the world her famous.
From the gondola the city is observed with different eyes, he lives a reality more fiabescas, romantic, particular perspectives of the city can be admired that on the firm earth we can hardly be observed.
Once was the most proper boat and used for transporting the people from a channel to the other.
Subsequently, with the arrival of the ferries, it has purely become a mean of tourist transport, or almost.
The figure of the gondolier is also changed. Once developed only a private service. Today the gondoliers, besides privately developing their job, they are also contacted by the tourist agencies that offer a less competitive price, in comparison to the offered one “privately”, but surely more lasting.
During your walks, passing for channels, you can notice smaller gondolas of the others. This type of gondola has called “sandolo.” It is smaller and less sumptuous than the classical gondola.
The sandolista exactly is not a gondolier, but he offers the possibility to travel to an inferior cost, or at least so it would owe.
If you desire to make to live to a special person a romantic moment instead, don't make the occasion escape you to book her/it “hire gondola.” An elegant and luxurious “automobile” to the service of illustrious guests or tourists that you/they desire to make the turn of honor.
It is endowed with the “parècio”, a series of accessories that you/they make the most beautiful boat and the most comfortable moves: carpets, stuffed arms, figurette in brass that you/they sustain the cords.