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The fury of pictures

From 16 April to 18 July 2010, the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, on the premises of the Galleria di Piazza San Marco, offers a retrospective collection of photographs devoted to the great photographer Italo...

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Zoran Music.Extremes figures. From december 3, 2009 to march 7, 2010

Until March 7, 2010 at the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere e Arti, will take place the exhibition dedicated to the Slovenian...

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"With the wood and with the gold" in show to the campo san...

"With the wood and with the gold" it is the security of the show that will have been held since November 12 th 2009 to...

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After the summer recess, November 8 th 2009 resumes the review Days Wagneriane devoted to Maderna, Mann, Menelssohn and Wagner Visuale near the saloon of the Parties of Ca' Vendramain Calergi. The Triplet...

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Pamela Rosenkrauz to the Swiss Institute in Venice

she has been inaugurated October 29 th 2009 near the Swiss institute in the center in Venice yesterday, the show Our Sun of...

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Fenice day 2009

The next 6 November 2009 will develop him to Venice, Fenice Day 2009, an evening - show devoted to the 40 of career of the famous artist Katia Ricciarelli, initiated in the Venetian theater in the 1969. The...

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Oscar Niemeyer: the art to plan

One of the most important interpreters of the modern and contemporary architecture, among the pioneers in the exploration of the plastic and constructive possibilities of the armed cement: this and still more...

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Torcello. To the origins in Venice, between West and East

100 masterpieces for a show that tells the history from the first lagoon installations of the Venetian area at the end of Two...

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