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Fenice day 2009

The next 6 November 2009 will develop him to Venice, Fenice Day 2009, an evening - show devoted to the 40 of career of the famous artist Katia Ricciarelli, initiated in the Venetian theater in the 1969.
The evening, arranged for picking up trusts to support of the artistic activity of the Fenice, it will see busy lyric singers, together with the orchestra of the Theater You Fenice directed by Bruno Santori and so many other artists that Katia Ricciarelli has met in her splendid career, spacing from the work, to the cinema, to the musicol, to the light music up to the television. Among the various artists there will be: the soprano Daniela Dessì, the ways Fabio Armiliato and Alexander Safina, To the Bano, Edward Bennato, Andrew Mingardi, Amedeo Minghi, Massimo Ranieri, Francis Renga, the regal one of the evening is of Rossella Izzo. At the end of the show the evening will continue with a supper placé in the Rooms Apollinee, which artists and guests will participate.
The sensibility of how much they will sustain the event it will contribute to maintain tall the artistic quality of the planning of the Phoenix. The formalities for the harvest deep they will be sundry: to forehead of an European least (fiscally deducible) bestowal of 50, the name of the supporter will appear on the program of room and on the informative mediums of the evening, a gadget will be delivered to every guest; with the acquisition of the ticket (200 European stage and central stage, 150 European side stages, 80 European other places) the logging will be gotten to the show; with an European (1000 for two people) least (fiscally deducible) bestowal of 600 (1000 for two people) to assist to the show in places of before category, can be participated further in the supper of frill. The names of all the donors will be sued then in the it programs of room and in the mediums informative envoys to disposition from the media partner The Gazzettino.
The initiative arranged by the Foundation Theater you Phoenix and from Fest - Phoenix Theatrical Services Srl.

For information, www.festfenice.com - info@festfenice.com - marketing@teatrolafenice.org - 041 786672 - 041 786596.
To purchase a ticket: box-offices Hellovenezia of the Theater You Phoenix, Square Rome and Railroad, telephone box-office Hellovenezia 041 2424, on-line box-office www.teatrolafenice.it.
To book a place to supper: 041 786596 - marketing@teatrolafenice.org - info@festfenice.com.

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