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Itinerante show: the Soul of the Water - Contemporary Art

There is still time up to November 22 nd 2009 to give ourselves up completely in the attractive show the water's soul-Contemporary Art, near the Building Ca ' of gold in Venice.
A show itinerante in the contemporary art where the water, source of the life of every living being, is the inspiring muse. Distinctive element of the show they will be the unpublished works of the Venetian artist Fabrizio Plessi and the coinvolgentis video installations of Bill Viola.
The run analyzes eight inherent themes to the theme of the water: liquid thought, maternity, water and femininity, trip, forgetfulness, transformations, purification and rebirth, thirst.
Besides, inside the show the poetry weaves him to the art, thanks to the contribution of contemporary poets that ripercorreranno with their works the themes of the show.

The show is open to the public with the hourly following: the Monday 8.15-14.00, from Tuesday to Sunday 8.15-19.15.