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Up to 09 January 2011, the impressive Palazzo Fortuny in Venice, will host the first and second floors of an exhibition, made in tribute to Marco Tirelli for the Museum. Tirelli are important for geometric shapes, design and colors mixed together lights and shadows. The paintings, on display at the museum are works sometimes without a clearly defined object, created with geometric and architectural forms, thus leaving to the viewer a kind of awe by paintings and works of different size, evoke a sense of incompleteness of the work. The form shown, consists largely of rectangles and curves, it goes with the color, making a whole object of the painting or sculpture. Black, many times, in its compactness, is the backdrop to everything that is represented. The colors are combined with light and shadow, so that effect of creating union featuring the works of Tirelli. With this particular technique of union, these works manage to raise the eye of the beholder, particular emotions.

From 04 September 2010 to 09 January 2011
Fortuny Museum, 1° - 2° door
All days from 10.00 to 18.00 pm ( tickets from 10.00 to 17.00pm);closed Tuesday, December 25 adn January 1.