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After the summer recess, November 8 th 2009 resumes the review Days Wagneriane devoted to Maderna, Mann, Menelssohn and Wagner Visuale near the saloon of the Parties of Ca' Vendramain Calergi.
The Triplet will be to open the event Richard Wagner, formed by the young pianist Andrea Gallo, Roberto Beraldi and Alexander Zenardi, that it proposes the Triplet in great sol of F. Haydn (in the 200° anniversary of the death) and the famous Triplet in smaller king of F Mendelssohn (200° anniversary of the birth), and to close a passage from the Tristan und' Isolde of Richard Wagner in the version for the Triplet than to Pringshein (father-in-law of Thomas Mann).
The Days Wagerianes will continue Friday November 21 st 2009, you combine all it replies some raquiem for soloist, choir and orchestra of Bruno Maderna directed by Riccardo Chailly.
Saturday November 21 st 2009 during the opening of the show Helnrich & Thomas Mann in Italy, a drink will be offered to the public.
In the afternoon, to Building Vendramin Calergi, to the hours 17.00, Quirino Principe will hold a lecture on "Wagner and Mendelssohn" introducing so, at 18,00 o'clock, the feasance of the beautiful Lieders twos voices, "the Frenchwoman" in ago smaller sharp and the Escape in me great flat for piano of Mendelssohn with the Borsists Boyrenth 2009, typeset by the soprano Sara Pegoraro, Silvia Ragazzo. mezzosoprano and Orazio Sciorini. pianist, that will have the honor to play the ancient piano J.Angst (1820) from a little restored with the pontage of Peter and Jean Gloystein and from the casino in Venice.
The annual Symposium will always take place on November 22 from the 10,00 at 13,00 o'clock near Ca' Vendramin Calergi.

To assist to the first meeting of the review, has needed to book within November 7 th 2009 to the number 800 811 611 since 9,00 at 18,00 o'clock thin to depletion you post.
For all the other concerts the entry is for invitation to book within the day before the show to the number: 800 811 611.

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