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Oscar Niemeyer: the art to plan

One of the most important interpreters of the modern and contemporary architecture, among the pioneers in the exploration of the plastic and constructive possibilities of the armed cement: this and still more it is Oscar Niemeyer, the Brazilian architect of whom the IUAV in Venice entertains the show “101% Oscars Niemeyer. The art to plan”, pnella Salts “Gino Valle” of the Faculty of Architecture.
Niemeyer is born in Rio de Janeiro in 1907 and after the degree near the National school of Belle Arti of his city it does it departs some group of Brazilian architects that collaborates with him Corbusier to the project for the construction of the new Office of the education and the Health of Rio. The meeting with him Corbusier is surely conclusive in the formation of his vision of the architecture, made of fluid spaces that a deeply poetic alternative to the astute lines and the straight angles of the international offers style, that the European architecture characterized in the years ‘30.
The show in Venice, in fact, organized by the Cultural association vicentina IEC - Independent Event Center in collaboration with the university Iuav in Venice, wants to celebrate him as one of the greatest living architects - today, in his 101s year of life, continuous to work in his office of Rio to Copacabana - that really in these months he is seeing completed his third Italian work the Auditorium of Ravello.
“101% Oscars Niemeyer” he offers a panning on the work of the great Brazilian planner, setting the accent on two his great his/her projects: the Auditorium of Ravello, note and the 1978 project for the Town Theater in Vicenza, compiled in collaboration with the architect Federico Motterle and ever realized. The comparison among these two works, within a more I widen look on the job of Niemeyer, he produces an unique and unpublished dialogue between the past and the present of the signed architecture Niemeyer, offering important you sprout of reflection on the role of the contemporary architecture today.
Niemeyer is considered to reason one of the first ones to have experimented new architectural concepts developing a sculptural style using himself the armed cement to create forms and sensational structures that mirror the sinuous natural curves of the mountains and the beaches of his earth. As his/her teachers, Lucio Costa and Her Corbusier, is a “modernist”, but the search of a grandiose architecture, tied up to the roots of his culture, it brings him to elaborate new forms of an unpublished architectural lyricism.

The show
Up to October 16 th 2009
Cotonificio, room Gino Valle
Dorsoduro 2196, Venice
Opening times: from the Monday to Friday, from the 9.30 at 18.30 o'clock
Free entry

Edited by Organization:
University Iuav in Venice

With the patronage:
Consoled Brazilian to Milan
Region Veneto