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"With the wood and with the gold" in show to the campo san stae to venezia

"With the wood and with the gold" it is the security of the show that will have been held since November 12 th 2009 to December 8 th 2009 to the Field St. Stae to Venice. Arranged by Association El Felze, the carvers' arts is devoted to in wood and of the complementary marangonis from houses, battiloro and active gilders to Venice from the late Middle Ages to our days.
In the memory whose Venice visits the architectures, the paintings and the landscapes they don't remain only, but also the wealth of the ceilings and the furnishes of churches, buildings, the surfaces worked of the gondolas the shine of the altars. In these manufactured articles they are protagonists two material: the wood and the gold.
One is the appreciated material and "terrestrial" at the same time, for a long time worked dall' man; the other one is the precious metal for excellence, same symbol of the divine one.
The carvers created you furnish sacred, statues, stubs for the notchings, press for the amalgamations and that they decorated furniture and gondolas; the battiloros created the magic of the thin leaves d' gold; the tiraoros "they threw" the metal up to get thin threads; the gilders applied these semilavoratis on you furnish, boats, sculptures and small sprites.
The show, prepared in the ancient Scoletta of the Battiloros, it will allow to see the works and the job of the artisans, that will go out of the shops to tell their experience and to unhide live their job with true tools and job benches. Documentaries and thematic meetings open to the public they will allow to know the techniques used today still in the shops of the city. In fact, to the entry of the building they will be situated of the true job benches, while in the mezzanine a didactic room will be predisposed in which the public can venture him in various activities, and in which will be possible to view a documentary that will tell the training of the artisans and the techniques used in the shops of the city.

Friday' 13 November times 18
From carver to sculptor
Livio De Mark (sculptor) and Lina Urban Padoan (historical of the art)
Friday' 20 November, times 18
Naval sculptures: from the bucintoro to the gondolas de casada
Ugo Pizzarello (architect), Gianfranco Munerotto (renovator) and Carla Enrica Spantigati (Superintendent for the Artistic Historical Goods of the Piedmont)
Friday' 27 November, times 18
The manualità of a leaf
Sabrina Berta and Sea Menegazzo (battiloro), Max Scarpa (gilder) and Peter Lucchi (librarian)
Domenica 29 November, times 16
Wood histories and gold, from the mountains to the Serene one
Show-narration of Paola Brolati and Charly Gamba
Friday' 4 December, times 18
Modern and contemporary carvers
Giovanni Caniato (registrar), Silvia Carminati (architect and historian of the art) and Marzio De Min (carver)

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