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Laurent Royer. Works

The Giorgio Cini Foundation, at the opening of "Nuova Manica ", a new extension of all librarian, a monographic exhibition dedicated posthumously, to French artist Laurent Royer.
The foundation, which has always proposes and promotes contemporary art of various international artists, presents 24 works, donated in 2009 by the family of the painter, who wanted so to celebrate the talent of Royer. The paintings on display until 28 February 2010, offer interesting insights on the concept of art of the young painter, and offers several interpretive keys to understand and know its anticipated evolution. The premises of artist Royer, have followed a refined concept of abstraction that is close to the work of Olivier Debrè, a painter who has inspired Royer in this creative period. The later operas of Royer; Cri de l'Etre (1989), Traces (1989), represent more abstract concepts and informal, and describe human existence which takes place the exact moment of action, which the artist expresses through ocher backgrounds and evocative black brushworks. The exhibition also includes four operas of the cycle La face du monde (1991-1992), Royer paints the faces of the world, through decisive figures and faces and majestic, who want to express a personal vision of the world. The exhibition also offers works on paper Nepali, colored blue and drawn in black, which represents the human spirit, tormented by the shadows secrets and inaccessibiles.

At Giorgio Cini Foundation, "Nuova Manica " Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore.
Hours from 11 January to 28 February
Monday to Friday 9:00 to 16:30 and Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 16:00