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The appointment in Venice the 25th edition of the Venice Marathon to be held October 24, 2010. The marathon runners and not for the fans, it offers the opportunity to participate as well as beneficial to competition, also run through roads and bridges that make Venice a city with unique charm. This year the City of Venice for the 25th edition, has decided to open the passage of the race in the beautiful Piazza San Marco. Like every year the race will be given away at Stra (Padova), to cross to get to Mestre and Venice via the Liberty Bridge, through the Canal Grande, Piazza San Marco to the finish in Riva Sette Martiri. An edition that is characterized by the passage of the runners in Piazza San Marco, but also to remember his real charity. In fact, will be auctioning a Beetle car, donated to the Marathon Group of Friends of the Beetle. The car has been curated by Francesco Cuomo and the money raised from the auction will be donated to the project "Bimbingamba, which has previously had the opportunity to support this project.

24 ctober 2010

Area of departures: Stra (Padova)
Area of Arrivals: Riva Sette Martiri - Venezia