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Bynight: the night of Venezia

As to spend a pleasant evening among the porticos and and the channels of the city more romanitàs than the world.
It arrives the evening and in the splendid frame in Venice, wound in a romantic and only atmosphere it is possible to spend pleasant moments in the places of the city.
Venice surprises and enchants in the daytime and it cheers and it amuses the evening thanks to the places, the pubs and cafe that her/it, in this section we propose a choice of the centers of meeting characteristic and famous than the lagoon city.
Harry's Cafe S. Mark, 1323 Venice È one of the oldest and famous places in Venice, among the celebrities that you him until stops: Hemingway, Woody Allen, a place "on generis", to which owe the invention of the famous Pretty cocktail.
Margaret Duchamp Lives Saint Margherita, characteristic local Dorsoduro Un, that entertains live concerts of music Jazz and rock, a place of call for all the Venetian students, m also for the tourists that want to taste a spritz.

947 Club Castello, 4337 Venice Un lounge cafe on the channels in Venice: whimsical, transgressive, only: its furnishings is a match among epoch 700 goes out and modernity. A 'sought after and elegant atmosphere that accompanies a proposal musical rich and various graces wing share of international DJ
GREEN Pub Lives Saint Margherita, 3053 Venice Un pub from the typical atmosphere Irish, among the smallest of Italy but however appreciated and frequented by tourists for the ample selection of beers and Irish whiskey.

Coffee Aurora Places St. Mark, 30124 Venice Un particular coffee, that unites the diversion to the art, thanks to the activities organized by the association Cultural Aurora Street, a series of runs that treat thematic today's.
Small World Sestiere Dorsoduro, 1056 Venice Un small place, as it is deduced by name, that allows to spend a different evening, away from the crowd but however to the insignia of the fun, an atmosphere for few, from the chic tones that it proposes sought after evenings and it selects the offer as the clientele

To the Bottegon " Gia Enslaved" Street Leonardo Da you Win, Saint Maria Di Salts An alternative between an enoteca and a restaurant, is a point of meeting for the inhabitants of the place that love to make the appetizer on the channel.