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Frank Donaggio with "Reflections" to the Center Cultural Candiani

From November 14 th 2009 up to January 2010, Franco Donaggio will be present to the Center Cultural Candiani with the one man show "Reflections."
In this "reflection" of Franco Donaggio, position of feeling and poetry there is the synthesis of an intense and deep love for his own origins, the memory of his own babyhood, the meaning one of the really lived juvenile. And these are the threads pipelines of Reflections, a photographic investigation built with the heart, in Lagoon, on the horizon of the time; you spin that intersect him and damage to the job a sense, a dimension, the authentic meaning of an extraordinary route among memoirs, hopes and emotions, producing virtual landings of great sensibility. Frank Donaggio "he sees" inside the "really" context, among the endless ones you segment of which is typeset, a magic world, suggestive, almost mystical, permeated by a religious connotation; a world in which the time lingers lazy and silent, as it had been being drowsy for the years, and in which wave unusual and scheming auras, with a metaphysical outline, among real and unreal, abstract and descriptive; an universe of particular beauty in which it dominates, together to a cultured language, almost aristocrat, an incitant equilibrium compositivo that the tonal values of the white and black highlight and they project over the image beyond the visible one. Reflections is therefore an intimate diary and intimistico, a plot of clipboard poetic, of emotional fragments, of contemplative synthesis, fantastic interpretations of stupendous spaces and winning signs woven in an extraordinary grafismo that incuriosisce and it attracts: stately and solemn silences that talk to voluptuousness and they paint tonal ghosts and essential and meaningful figures among earth, sea and sky. Reflections.


Opening time: from Monday to Friday 15.30. 19.30 Saturday and festive 10.30. 12.30 and 15.30. 19.30 closed 25 December and 1 January
Room Paul Costantini third floor
Free entry
Cultural Center Candiani Square Candiani, 7 - 30174 Venice Mestre - tel. 041.2386111 - fax 041.2386112 www.comune.venezia.it/candianis - ufficiostampa.candiani@comune.venezia.it

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