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Giorgio Morandi – Silence

An important exhibition of figurative art, one that will take place in Venice until Jan. 9, 2011, on the great works of Giorgio Morandi, considered one of the greatest painters of the twentieth century.We can define the artist's paintings at the same time simple and unique way with very special. The subjects of his paintings are in fact not particularly sophisticated objects but objects that are part of everyday life, such as bottles, vases, flowers, portraits and landscapes.With them, Morandi manages to combine the dichotomy that exists between the simplicity of the object with high quality paint. In doing so the objects are visible to the eye of the viewer and at the same time are in harmony with vivid colors and shadows.The author's hand draws a clean line and simple, a sign of great painting technique, gained over the years, inspired by the great masters, both Italian and foreign, such as Giotto, Piero della Francesca, Cézanne and Corot.

From 04 september 2010 to 09 Jenuary 2011
Museum Fortuny
San marco3758, campo san Beneto, Venice
All the days 10/18 ( ticket 10/17); closet Tuesday, 25 Dicember and 1 Jenuary.