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In the 2010 first International Festival of the Performance

The first International Festival of the Perfomance will be held in May 2010 to Venice arranged by the Biennal exhibition near the Building of the Exposures to the Gardens, that for the good buy and it has not only been renewed, and transformed for entertaining continuous activity along the whole year.
Young performers and artists of international fame can meet, to compare him, in fact, thanks to the Festival new outturns will be promoted.
In December 2009 on the site institutional web www.labiennale.org young artists coming from Veneto, from Italy and from the whole world you/they can compile and to introduce the application for membership to the festival.
Through the Festival the Biennal exhibition intends to underline his/her own role of international footplate guaranteeing the medium to the young generations and promoting further tied up projects to the performance in the visual arts to always attract great and new Italian and international artists.
Among all the affiliates a pre-selection will be effected of maximum of 12 participants / projects, among which a participant of the region Veneto, from which the winner will emerge at the end of the trailing selection. In a first phase, between January and February 2010, the proposals of the Venetian artists will be valued through a pre-selection of 20 projects and a further assessment to individualize what will participate in the trailing phase.
Subsequently it will be an international jury to select the other 11 projects among all the proposals of reached national and international artists.
The 11 artists, together with the Venetian artist, they will participate in the trailing selection, with which the jury will reward the best job.

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