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“To Tall Voice”, the marathon of social reading organized by Coop Adriatica, will open the leaves on October 10 to Bologna for then to reach the city of Cesena on October 16 and 17 to Venice.
Reaches the ninth edition, the demonstration promotes “Aid for the Culture”, the activity of free delivery of books and materials multimediali for elderly and disabled realized by volunteers and Partners Coop.
Devoted to Peter Camporesi, researcher and historian of the feeding, it will be really the food the protagonist of the event, in fact it will be evoked in a lot of readings making to appear on the surface many aspects that the relationship between man and feeding you/they have assumed in places and different historical times.
Writers, actors and witnesses of the civil appointment for one day, will share, with the citizens in you determine zones in Venice you test, passages in prose and poetries, arousing in them the curiosity, the passion and the interest that the literature and it cannot only give.
It covers her some marathon it will conclude him to Venice Saturday 17 October. The readings will be held in forenoon in Vaporetto, to the Collection Peggy Guggenheim, in Field SS. Apostles, in the Casa circondariale di Santa Maria Maggiore.
To Mestre instead, in the afternoon the readings will be held in the spaces recovered of the Gardens of street Piave, in the Historical Library of Villa September, up to the big end in the Raced Theater.


Monday October 12 th-Mestre

Villa September-regional Center of culture “Rosa's Settembrini Paola” - 32, Carducci street - Mestre
Times 18.00
“The world in the pot” literary Trip to the discovery of tastes, people, countries. Edited by the Library Center Donna of the commune of Venice and the group of reading “Bawls to read”, with musical accompaniment of the Center Veneto Women in Music.

Thursday October 15 th - Mestre

Villa September-regional Center of culture “Rosa's Settembrini Paola” - 32, Carducci street - Mestre
Times 18,00
“Slòti, paroe and pitochi”: Dino Coltro and the Venetian Lost. With Phillip Tognazzo, Marica Rampazzo, George Gobbo, Sergio Marchesini.
Venetian recipe of Luigi Di Ann

Friday October 16 th - Mestre

Villa September-regional Center of culture “Rosa's Settembrini Paola” - 32, Carducci street - Mestre
Times 17,00
Projections on the adolescence from the Competed Video “Francis Pasinetti” promoted by the National institute of art, Auser, Encircled Cinema Institution,
Venetian for the Social Services to the Person

Saturday October 17 th

- Coop Piazzale Rome-Santacroce 499 - Venice
Times 10.00
Fabrizio Casalino, Duska Kovacevic, Greenhouse Ylmaz
- Strong Rossarol Mestre street Pezzana place Tessera Venice - Center Don Lawrence Milani-cooperative Coges
Times 10.00
Nicoletta Costa, Susi Danesin, George Gobbo, Gaetano Ruocco Earns, Sergio Marchesini, Marica Rampazzo, Phillip Tognazzo, Bruno Tognolini
- Field SS. Apostles-Cannaregio, Venice
Times 11
Joseph Culicchia, Laura Magni, Vitaliano Trevisan
- Vaporetto line 2 - departure from square Rome up to the bridge of the academy (all the stops)
Times 11.17
- Collection Peggy Guggenheim-Building Venier of the Leos (stopped Academy)
Times 12.30
Eraldo Affinati, Maria Pia Of Meo, Melania Mazzucco
- Public gardens of street Piave-Mestre
Times 15.30
Gabriela Preda, The Papus, Nkiruka Okorokwo, Palasi Rahman
edited by musical accompaniment the association “You Semi-quaver” with Bruno Gennaro,
it conducts Gloria Bertasi. Animation for the edited by children the Cooperative Tusitala

Greater House Circondariale S.Maria - Venice
Times 16,00
(Closed reading to the public)
Duska Kovacevic, Lawrence Soccoli, Vito
- Villa September-32, Carducci street - Mestre
Times 16.15
Umberto Ambrosoli, Fabrizio Casalino, Marica Rampazzo
- Final regard
Raced theater-Raced of the People - Mestre
Times 18,00
Umberto Ambrosoli, Maria Pia Of Meo, Marica Rampazzo,
Phillip Tognazzo, Vitaliano Trevisan, Greenhouse Ylmaz. They conduct The Papus.
Regal of Elia Romanelli. Musical accompaniment of Small Shop Baltazar