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Leonardo: the man Vetruviano between art and science

The man Vetruviano, the famous sketch of Leonardo da Vinci, will exceptionally have been exposed since October 10 to January 10 th 2010 in Venice, near the Gallery of the Academy.
Been Born by the inspiration that the artist had observing the studies conducted by the architect Vetruviano on the proportions of the human body, the sketch represents a man's body inserted in a circle and in a square, the perfect geometric shapes, according to Platone.

In fact, the center of the circle coincides with the navel to point out the spiritual origin of the man, the square instead it coincides with the genital ones, and it postpones to the physical origin.

After seven years from his/her last exposure, the sketch will again come statement to the public, and for l ' occasion has been developed not also inside the show a didactic run for the seeing, thanks to the studied didactic contribution and predisposed by the university IUAV in Venice.

Besides, on the occasion of the event, whoever own original images or personal interpretations of the sketch, can insert her inside the site devoted to the show and to contribute to the creation of the gallery on line. An alternative way, this, to call back even more the young people to the world of the art.

In the years, the sketch has been object of debate, from the criticism, in sporadic way. The historians of the art have considered above all the sketch a scientific illustration, while the historians of the science have considered it deprived of true innovative content. Insofar, it stays opened the problem of the interpretation.

Opening times:
From Tuesday to Sunday 8,15-19,15 Mondays 8,15-14,00
(the box-office closes 30 minutes of the closing of the show)
closed: 25 December and 1 January

For information and bookings tel. +39 041 15234996.