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Luigi voltolina to venezia with "illuminations"

Up to November 22 nd 2009 near the Great School of the Mercy Luigi's Voltolina one man show "Illuminations."
Characterized by a strong expressive position, for a long time its works are incentrate on the study of the human figure. The jobs exposed to the Mercy belong to various periods and they offer an articulated read of the outturn of the artist reflecting the evolution of the search of the outturn of the artist, reflecting the evolution of the search of it, translating the figure through a personal pictorial language but at the same actual time consistent with the tradition, characterized by a dry and essential painting, in which ample layouts materiches predominate.
Been Born in 1944, he transfers him to Venice where he frequents the institute of art of the Carminis under teacher Dinon's guide. After experiences near small institutes of art, incuriosito from the art vetraria, for brief time he works to the glassworks Brothers Tone of they Wall up.
In the last years you/he/she has picked up above all consensus to the foreign countries, where in 2007 the Italian institute of culture in Berlin has devoted him a vast review.
The show, medicated by the professor tones Toniato, it is inserted in an architectural context of great prestige, it makes party of an innovative project that foresees, beginning from the retraining of the complex of the Mercy, the reintegration of the native dedication of his/her spaces to valorize the art of the territory.

Pole Museale Veneziano to the Mercy
Foundations of Cannaregio 3553, Venice
Opening time: every day from her 10.00 to the 18.00
I plaster free
For info: 041-5210577

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