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Migropolis. Venezia/Map of a global situation

Today we live in a context in which the word globalization is to the center of every phenomenon of growth, of exchange of relationships among the different circles, of problem list to world level.
And it is really to the consequences of the globalization which the urban territory in Venice is submitted, that is devoted the photographic show named "Migropolis Venezia / Map of a global situation".
The show, organized by the Foundation Bevilacqua You Masa, it will have been held since October 9 to December 6 th 2009 near the Gallery of San Marco Place, and it tells and it explores the theme of the globalization through the city of Venice, which reveals the opposite dramatic of the city: wealth and poverty, unbearable tourism and escape of the inhabitants.

Where: Gallery of Building St. Mark 71/c - 30124
Entry: free
Opening time: 10.30-17.30 closed Mondays and Tuesday
Contacts: +39 041 5237819
Email: press@bevilacqualamasa.it