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The lights that are reflected in the canals, the decorations and in the squares and streets, inspires a great joy. Venice, one of the most elegant and evocative in the world, waiting for new year becomes even more magnetic, irresistible and magical. The whole town is immersed in an incredible atmosphere, and the air he breathes a strong sense of anticipation, elation and hilarity. People are waiting the end of the year with great enthusiasm and many good intentions, but the most important thing is that whoever wants to spend this evening filled with good wishes and expectations with the truly important people. In Venice, the wait for the new year is deeply felt, and this special city full of art, culture, and unique landscapes, never fails to bring so many original and exciting alternatives to celebrate with friends and family for the arrival of new year. The new year involves the whole lagoon city, but especially pizza San Marco, where people gather to wait in jovial company was midnight. This year, the "most beautiful drawing room of Europe" features a new event that will attract many people, in fact, in the wonderful frame of Piazza San Marco, on the evening of 31 December 2009, the show will be held LOVE 2010. An exciting evening which will start at 22.00 and will continue with dancing, music, up to 24.00 when all those present exchanged a kiss, the banner of a new year full of love, peace and solidarity. They then continued the toasts and fireworks that accompany the evening until late night .To spend one of the most beautiful evenings of Venice is a unique destination that draws many tourists every year eager to know his place unique and irresistible.