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The 53s International exposure of art in Venice

"Make Worlds" is the title of the 53s International exposure of art, the biennal exhibition directed by Daniel Birnbaum, whose wide title is rather to Fare Mondi / / Making Worlds / / Bantin Duniyan / / Weltenmachen / / Construire des Mondes / / Fazer Mundos, open to the public up to Sunday November 22 nd 2009, near the Gardens, to the arsenal and diffusedly in various places in Venice.
It deals with a biennial appointment become by now traditional not only for the employees but for the whole public that loves the human creativeness in its best expressive forms.
In this edition, "Make Worlds" connects in an only show the centers espositive of the renewed Building of the Exposures of the Biennal exhibition (Gardens) and of the arsenal, and it gathers - incluse the collectives - more than 90 artists from the whole world, with new works of all the languages.

All the information on the site www.labiennale.org

53. International exposure of art
Make Worlds
Up to November 22 nd 2009

You soothe espositive: Gardens / Arsenal Hourly h. 10-18
Gardens closed on Mondays (excluded Monday November 16 th 2009)
Closed arsenal the Tuesday (excluded Tuesday November 17 th 2009)
Box-offices: Gardens / Arsenal (Den, Virgo) hourly h. 10 - 17.30
Ca' Giustinian (S. Marco 1364/A), hourly h. 10 - 18 from Monday to Friday / h. 10 - 13 Saturday

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