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The personal show of Zaha Hadid in the Building of the Region

It is open to the public from October 27 up to March 1 st 2010 the personal show of Zaha Hadid, guest of honor of the International Biennal exhibition of Architecture "Barbaric Capocchin", near the Saloon of the Building of the Region in Padova.
The exposure, structured in a real setup, it proposes the manifold and innovative projects of one of the most famous architects on the world scene of the decostruttivismo.
Iraq of birth and naturalized in London at the end of the years 70, Zaha Hadid, she has been the first woman to win in 2004 the Pritzer Bonus, considered the nobel for the architecture.
The Building of the Region decorated with an elaborate cycle of frescos and with a roof built without the medium of the columns and considered the widest d' Europe, has been appreciated and considered by the artist Iranian, a 'good frame for her exposure, considering it as a field of forcibleness on which the existing coordinates of the space, the openings of the gates, act as forcibleness in movement.
What the public can admire is the creation of a world of undulated forms: a landscape made of blockades, plinths and signs on the floor. The blockades determined by the rules of the continuity and the breakdown, produce separate islands among them. Each of these islands defines the conceptual morphologies that subtend the whole exposure. The plinths further to be integral party of the works, you/they can turn into sessions for the visitors. Also the signs on the floor become constitutive elements of the whole preparation turning itself into visual signals that point out the direction in the visit of the show.
Always signed Zaha Hadid the project "the architect's Table" that it will expose the serigrafies of all the projects participants to the 4° edition of the International Bonus of Architecture "Barbaric Capocchin." The initiative is promoted by the Foundation "Barbaric Chiappin" and from the Architects' order, Schedulers, Landscapists and Conservatories of the province in Padua together with the Region Veneto and to the Commune in Padua, in collaboration with I.U.A. and the Board Nazionale Designs Schedulers and Conservatories.

Zaha Hadid
Building of the Region, Plaza of the Grass, Padova
Opening time: every day except non festive Mondays from her 9.00 to the 18.00
Tel. +39 049825006

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