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Images stolen at the time

The Archaelogical Museum of Venice, in St. Marco Square, will host an important and interesting photograph exhibition, dedicated to Lynn Davis and called "Lynn Davis. Modern Views of Ancient...

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International Architecture Exhibition

Venice will host from August 29, 2012 to November 25, 2012 the International Architecture Exhibition featuring works by national...

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Abstract Expressionism: between emotional intensity and aesthetics...

Until September 29, 2012, Venice will host at Ateneo Veneto an art exhibition of Laurel Holloman, american painter, which...

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54° Biennale of Venice

from 4 june to 26 november 2011 the cultural kermesse

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150 Biennale

Until to 20 may The kermesse will be visible to Venice

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Café Sconcerto – 20…di comicità

At the Sala Theatre, there will be from 28 january to 13 february 2011, an interesting theatral show signed Monica Zuccon and...

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A news events at the Fondamenta Nuove Theatre, for the months of november and dicember. There will be a serious of interesting shows. Fondamenta Nuove Theatre Sestiere Cannaregio 5013 30121...

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Until 31 dicember 2010, there will be at San Giorgio, an exhibition of drawings by Titina Rota. This is a collection of drawings design by the artist and it represent the characters of a famous workIn...

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