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Blue sea: the best tourist places

You recommend on the best tourist places and the most beautiful Venetian beaches. Bibione, Caorle, Chioggia, Jesolo, Beach in Venice, Eraclea, Degree. You choose the beach that you prefer and it immediately books your next vacation.

The sea of the Venetian one is among the cleanest and clear of the Mediterranean and all the beaches, that extend him for 100 km they are characterized for the reception of the structures, the care of the bathing establishments, and for the nature of the surrounding zones.A proper vacation to every demand and to every type of tourist, in which the key words are sport, fun, good kitchen and art.Following we bring a guide of the most beautiful beaches of the region.
Bibione: it is a young absorbed tourist place in the uncontaminated nature, it divides him in three principal areas: Bibione Spiaggia, Bibione Pineta and Beach of the Sun. In these zones it is possible usufruire of good sporting fittings whether to practise every type of activity: sail, tennis, minigolf, jogging, beach, motocross on the beach and so much other. Besides from little time you/he/she has been open the center Bibione Thermae that thanks to his/her thermal waters, he/she offers treatments of high-level.
Caorle: the historical center is rich of shops and places for every demand, the heart it is Street Terrà.Going toward east, along the walk studded of holds lanes, bacari and " campielli" with restaurants, the sanctuary of the Madonna of the angel is reached, a temple bathed by the sea in which an effigy of the Virgo is found.Among the more important artistic attractions there am the Plaza of the Bishopric, in which the Cathedral of Saint Stephen and the bell tower it rises, symbol of the city.Caorle develops him on two beaches, that of East and that of West and in these years has known how to also adapt again to the tourist demands creating new sporting fittings and docks for the impassioned ones of nautical sport.
Chioggia: the city doesn't preserve a lot of traces of its past since it came completely destroyed in 1379 during the war of Chioggia.The beach extends him in the fractions of Santamarina that it begins from the mouth of I bring of Chioggia and it reaches the mouth of the river Brenta and Isolaverde that it extends him from the mouth of the river Brenta up to the mouth of the river Adige.They are many the new sporting fittings that allow to practise any activities physics: windsurf, canoe, horseback riding, kick, volley, tennis. Chioggia is a spirited city where cultural events don't miss, demonstrations, local and naturally the good table, thanks to the famous fish of good quality and the vegetables of the place.
Jesolo: it is one of the more famous tourist places in absolute, and it boasts a quantity of receptive structures, among hotels, villas, campings and apartments it deigns of praise. Its beach of thin sand extends him for 15 km from the river Sile to the Piave.The three principal areas are the center the lighthouse and the pineta and the possibilities of fun are varied that this zone offers to the tourists, both as it regards the relaxations during the day, that the attractions of the places for the evening.
Also for the lovers of the sport there is the embarrassment of the choice, in fact in the a lot of ones and you equip present structures it is possible to practise sail sport, raced of sub, tennis, calcetto, basket, beach volley and quant'altro.
Beach in Venice: Center of the International Show of the Cinema Art, the "beach" since the first years of the '900 have been among the sought after destinations and to the fashion of Europe and for this it attracted Royal and important characters. Today the island maintains still its exclusiveness; the beach is characterized from the presence of villas and luxurious hotel, on the beaches the typical capannines (in style of the first ones of the '900) are found, colored in base in the establishment which you/they belong.The streets are studded of places and prestigious shops and it are pleasant to admire the luxurious showcases along the avenue of Saint Maria Elisabetta
Eraclea: The city was founded by the emperor of east Eraclio and she saw moments of prestige under the doges up to the XI century.This vivacious town has its point of strength on the bathing activity characterized by an unique natural background, they are present sporting fittings for every discipline, and particularly active it is the horse center that allows to make trips to horse.Also nighttime life is rather happy, in fact there is different places, discos and pub
Grado: he was founded by the inhabitants of Aquileia in escape from the Unnis driven by Attila.Today it is a famous place, note also for the thermal waters and the elegant bathing stations. In your historical center where the basilica rises of holy Eufemia of the You sec., there are elegant ancient houses that are found along the Calluses the streets of the city.