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Palladio End/In Venice

From 4 to the of July Januaries 10 th 2010 a show to the discovery of the Venetian life of Palladium

Palladium was a great architect of the Republic in Venice where it realized a lot of works among villas churches and buildings.

The Veneto Regional Authorities, coordinated by the Regional Committee , organized a show from the from July 4 to December 10 th 2009. 300 works – printed publications, manuscripts, documents and drawings – that are testimony of Palladio’s Venetian surroundings. Particular importance is given to Palladio’s intervention on the redefinition of the symbolic and unique urban fabric of Venice: San Giorgio Maggiore and the votive Church of the Redentore and the Zitelle complex on the island of the Giudecca, creating an effect that was of extraordinary renovative strength.

An exhibition that explains the Venetian life artist’s till the 1950s, the meetings with the most important personalities, aristocrats educated and enlightened, as the Brothers Marcantonio and Daniele Barbaro.